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Property Extension, Loft Conversions & Garage Conversions in Woking

At EGB General Builders in Woking, we know how it’s absolutely integral that the planning phase of your home improvement project is handled in a proper and professional manner. When planning is rushed mistakes can be made, and a property extension, or garage conversions and loft conversions can end up being delayed or delivered to an unacceptable standard. That’s why we use our expertise and take time to ensure every mandatory feature and optional feature you’ve requested is implemented, and an order of works/timeframe is established.

On this page, we’ve run through what the planning phase of each type of project involves. Should you be a Woking property owner searching for a team of experienced and reputable builders that have delivered countless loft conversions, garage conversions and property extension projects in the area, pick up the phone and call us on 07872 908 246.

Planning Your Project

Property Extension

When planning a property extension, consideration needs to be given to its foundations. Specifically, what the current conditions of the ground are and what depth new foundations will need to be installed to. The dimensions, strength and heat/sound insulation of walls and floors are also integral to the success of a Woking property extension. Builders will also consider whether a flat or pitched roof will best suit the project, and how to maximise headroom and ensure sufficient support is in place in the form of beams and struts.

Once these vital structural components have been planned in detail, our Woking builders will figure out how drainage, electricity, windows, doors and ventilation will be incorporated. During this stage, thought needs to be given to how the property extension will be meet all fire safety-related building regulations. Finally, plans for items like stairs, handrails and decorative features will be added to blueprints.

Garage Conversions

with a property extension, builders need to ensure that appropriate foundations are in place for garage conversions launched around Woking, as existing foundations may not be deep or strong enough to support the added weight of new floors, walls or ceilings. The same considerations need to be taken with existing walls, which may not currently be able to cope with an added floor or new pitched/flat roof.

We also have to ensure that garage conversions will be weather proofed and insulated sufficiently, especially if it’s going to be used as a bedroom or living room. Implementing windows and ventilation to allow garage conversions to meet building regulation and energy efficiency standards is also a crucial part of the planning process.

Loft Conversions

Perhaps the most important part of planning loft conversions is ensuring that an existing roof has enough headroom to fit all the essential features of a new room. If there isn’t enough space, don’t panic. Our builders have delivered many loft conversions around Woking where we’ve had to make structural alterations to the roof.

While this may mean you need to file for planning permission, which isn’t always required, it will ensure your conversion is roomy enough for its intended purpose. Planning a usable entrance/exit to the conversion is also essential, as many lofts only have rusted or long-neglected pull-down ladders as an access solution. Most loft conversions we build around Woking also need completely new electrics and plumbing, should a supply of water be needed (for example for a bedroom with an en suite).

Sound like a lot to consider? Don’t fret! Our builders, who’ve delivered countless loft conversions, garage conversions and property extension projects, handle every aspect of your home improvement in-house. We’ll take on your ideas and ensure every box on your wish list is ticked, while taking the burden of planning off your shoulders and even helping you secure permission from the local planning office. To hear about what our clients have to say about their experience with us, check out our testimonials page.

To discuss the project you have planned for your Woking property, call EGB General Builders today on 07872 908 246. We specialise in property extension and conversions.

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