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So you’ve decided that you’re going to invest in your existing property, either because you lack space, you want to up its value, or a combination of the two. But how do you decide whether a property extension is a better idea than loft extensions or garage extensions? Each of the three projects, which our builders routinely deliver for clients around Weybridge, has its draws. That’s why on this page, we’ve run through a few key points to consider before you really get into the planning phase.

If after reading the below you decide that a property extension is what you’re after, or loft conversions / garage conversions might be the ideal project to suit your needs, give EGB General Builders a call. We can discuss your ideas in detail, and move towards issuing you a free, no obligation quote on agreed works.

Things to Consider When Planning Property Extension or Conversion Projects

Current Use of Space

If you’ve already maxed out the use of existing space in your Weybridge home, for example through investing in garage conversions and loft conversions, then a property extension is obviously the way to go. But some Weybridge clients might be faced with a slightly more difficult decision, as they have important items in storage in their loft and a car in the garage. Once again, creating a completely new space via a property extension will seem like the wisest choice, and the one recommend by our builders.


However, if you think a full-fledged property extension might be a bit pricey, and there are spaces within your property which are currently not being used for anything important, loft conversions and garage conversions are absolutely idea. In the vast majority of cases our builders attend to around Weybridge, garage conversions tend to be the cheapest project, followed by loft conversions where your roof doesn’t need to be altered significantly, then a property extension.

Planning Permission

If you live in a listed building or in area of Weybridge with fairly strict planning criteria, you should also consider the likelihood of securing planning permission. While our builders are always happy to assist in this process, note that a large property extension which requires a green light from the council won’t always get the go-ahead. On the contrary, you rarely ever require permission for garage conversions and loft conversions (which don’t involve significant structural alterations to roofing).


Our builders always endeavour to complete loft conversions, garage conversions and property extension projects within a pre-agreed timeframe. But the estimated time of delivery will be longer for certain projects than others. So if you absolutely need work to be completed by a certain date, for example because you’re expecting a child or are looking to move a new home in Weybridge, consider the fact that garage conversions tend to be the quickest job to completed, followed by loft conversions and a brand new property extension (mirroring the cost involved).

Value Added

Looking to grow the increase the value of your property? Different improvements offer varying average returns on investment. For example, research conducted by GE money has shown that garage conversions add around 12.5% to a Weybridge / UK property’s selling price. Meanwhile, loft conversions offer a 50% return on investment and a property extension offers a 71% return on investment, according to research carried in This is Money. Be sure to do some research of your own before deciding on which will be the most effective investment, as it can depend a lot on whereabouts you live and what house hunters in the area might look for.

End Use

We’ve saved the most important point for last! There’s really no point calling in our builders for a property extension, loft conversions or garage conversions if you don’t have a solid idea of its end use. Even if you’re investing in your property as in the prior point, it’s important that in the meanwhile you get something out of the improvement. Work at home a lot? A home office can be easily placed within garage extensions and loft conversions. Family growing? A property extension could become a nursery or extra bedroom. Cramped kitchen? Knock through a wall and add an extension to create a roomy open plan space. Each Weybridge client should think “what could I make the most out of” before committing to a project.

In Weybridge and considering investing in a property extension, loft conversions or garage conversions? Call EGB General Builders on 07872 908 246

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