Why Build an Extension, Loft Conversion or Garage Conversion in Guildford?

Property extensions and conversions are hugely popular projects, but why do so many people choose these home improvements? On this page, our local builders look at some of the common reasons for building extensions, loft conversions or garage conversions, and how you can benefit from these projects too. Whether you need more space, want to add to the value of your home or simply want to make some improvements, we have the perfect solution for your property in Guildford, Woking or the surrounding areas.

Established in 1983, EGB Builders has built an outstanding reputation in the local area and is the trusted choice for domestic projects. Customers come to us with all kinds of requirements and we consistently meet individual needs and expectations. The following are some of the main reasons why homeowners in Guildford decide to extend and/or convert:

To Accommodate a Growing Family

Many young families find they need more space, either now or in the future, to accommodate their growing children. This may be in the form of an extra bathroom or bedroom, a larger kitchen, more living space for quality family time or maybe a playroom. Whatever your family needs, we provide by building property extensions or conversions around your personal requirements.

To Rearrange or Modernise

The ideal modern home is very different to homes of the past, but most of us live in older properties. Consequently, works to modernise homes are a popular option in Guildford. Extensions and garage conversions along with interior alterations are ideal for creating open plan layouts that maximise natural light and offer a more social atmosphere.

Another modern design feature is to connect inside and outside spaces by installing large bifold doors that lead onto a patio or garden.

To Create More Space

It’s not just growing families that need more space and many other types of household also choose to create more space, either through an extension or garage or loft conversion. Our local builders construct versatile spaces which our customers use in a variety of ways.

If you need a home office, cinema room, guest bedroom, utility room, home gym, hobby room, workshop, dining room, kitchen extension or any other space you can imagine, then a property extension or conversion is for you.

To Add Value

Extensions and conversions are popular ways for homeowners in Guildford to add value to their properties. Whether selling now or in the distant future, it’s always a good time to increase value and ensure you get the best return on your investment when the time comes to sell.

While the amount of value added depends on various factors, a garage conversion, attic conversion or extension has the potential to add around 20% to the value of your property.

To Avoid Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful things we do in our lifetimes, so it’s easy to see why so many people try to avoid it. An extension, conversion or alteration from our local builders in Guildford can let you stay in your current home by providing the space you need, whatever that may be. From a home office or luxurious master suite in a loft conversion, to alterations that improve the use of space, our services let you avoid the stress, hassle and costs of moving while staying in the area you know and love.

Get in touch with EGB Builders on 07872 908246 for garage conversions, extensions and other domestic projects in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

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